Diaphragm Pump


Pneumatic diaphragm pump is also called air operated diaphragm pump, double diaphragm pump or aodd pump. It is a new type of conveying machinery, using compressed air as power source, for all kinds of corrosive liquids, with particles of liquid, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, highly toxic liquid, can be suction.

With compressed air as the power, the diaphragm reciprocating deformation caused by volume change of the positive displacement pump, its working principle is like the plunger pump.

  1. Pump peanut butter, pickles, mashed potatoes, sausage, jam, applesauce, chocolate, etc.
  2. Pump paint, gum, pigment.
  3. Adhesive and glue, all kinds of suction pump.
  4. All kinds of tile, porcelain, brick and pottery glaze slurry.
  5. After the well is drilled, the sediment and grouting are pumped.
  6. Pump all kinds of emulsions and fillers.
  7. Pump all kinds of sewage.
  8. Use pumps for tankers, barges to clear and absorb the sewage in the bin.
  9. Dilute pulp of hops and baking powder, syrup and molasses.
  10. Pump water in mines, tunnels, tunnels, ore dressing and slag. Pump suction cement grout and mortar.
  11. All kinds of rubber pulp.
  12. All kinds of abrasives, corrosive agents, oil and mud, cleaning oil scale and general containers.
  13. All kinds of highly toxic, flammable and volatile liquids.
  14. All kinds of strong acid, strong alkali, strong corrosive liquid.
  15. all kinds of high temperature liquid up to 150℃.
  16. As a pressure delivery device for all kinds of solid-liquid separation equipment.

About HAOSH Pump

HAOSH‘ is a major dosing metering pump brand of Shanghai GL Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Also as a pump category super market, we supply diaphragm pumps, chemical pumps, water pumps, screw pumps, etc. Since founded in 2007, HAOSH brand has for more than 100 countries of the world’s more than 3000 clients with high quality pumps.