Liquade EX&EXH Series Plastic Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

EX: High purity chemical production
EXH: Pumps without internal pressure booster

Product Description

EX Series

The EX series of pumps are manufactured from robust polymer materials with high precision CNC machining for high purity chemical production with excellent chemical resistance, improving product quality and environmental protection while reducing maintenance costs.

EXH Series

The EXH series of high pressure pumps offer robust construction for high discharge pressure applications, a specialized diaphragm design, a pneumatic control system for high pressure environments, long life and low maintenance costs, and diaphragm monitoring and spare parts kits to ensure reliability and safety of production operations. This makes it ideal for use in a wide range of applications under high pressure conditions.


Features and benefits

EX Series

Sizes:EX150(1/2″), EX200(1″), EX400(1.5″)

Solid block design, machine design

1. High static weight reduces pump vibration
2. No exposed metal parts
3. Can be used in corrosive environments
4. Easier maintenance


Polyethylene or PTFE construction

1. PE excellent chemical abrasion and corrosion resistance
2. Generalized chemical corrosion resistance of PTFE
3. Improved durability


Consistent front-to-back interior residential design

1. Good self-priming capability
2. Accommodates ball or cylinder valves of different materials
3. Can detect liquid flow, compatible with a wide range of chemical types
4. Fully sealed


Pulsation damper (optional)

1. No exposed metal parts
2. Connects directly to the pump, no additional piping required
3. Available flange links and threaded links
4. Easy to install, provides almost uniform flow, protects pipework


Internal drainage system (optional)

1. Already installed in the lateral housing
2. Allows drainage without disconnecting from piping
3. Reduces the need for cleaning agents and the amount of solvent used
4. Product recovery of precious liquids
5. Valve can be operated manually or pneumatically
6. Virtually eliminates residue in pumps


EXH Series

Sizes:EXH200(1″), EXH400(1.5″)

  • LIQUADE EXH series double diaphragm pumps designed for discharge pressures up to 16 bar (218 psig)
  • Increased pump safety due to innovative retaining ring construction
  • Filter press pressure is automatically adjustable
  • No control or safety elements required for high pressures
    Dry suction
    High pressure
    Adjustable speed
  • No drives, no rotating parts, no shaft seals
  • Excellent suction power


Technical Parameters

EX Series
EX150 Technical Parameters
EX150 Technical Parameters
EX200 Technical Parameters
EX200 Technical Parameters
EX400 Technical Parameters
EX400 Technical Parameters
EXH Series
exh200 Technical Parameters
exh200 Technical Parameters
exh400 Technical Parameters
exh400 Technical Parameters


Field of application


  • Ideal for high purity chemical production, especially for the manufacture of chemicals that require strict compliance with purity and quality specifications, such as pharmaceuticals, semiconductor and solar panel manufacturing.
  • Excellent chemical resistance to handling toxic or hazardous chemicals to ensure product quality and safety.
  • Ideal for applications where product cross-contamination needs to be minimized and environmental protection improved.


  • For applications requiring higher discharge pressures with ruggedized housings up to 16 bar (218 psig) high discharge pressure.
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications under heavy-duty conditions, from low discharge pressures to high-pressure applications.
  • Features specialized diaphragm design for applications requiring long life and high pressure environments, with optional diaphragm monitoring and spare parts kits available.