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Screw pump, also known as “screw hoist”, “Archimedes screw pump”. It is to rely on one or several screws meshing each other, the formation of space volume changes to transport liquid. According to the number of screw meshing, can be divided into single screw pump, double screw pump, three screw pump and so on. According to the position of the screw can be divided into vertical or horizontal. Two screw pump outdoor meshing screw pump, a pump body, active rod, driven rod, gear, and bearings. The driving rod and the driven rod are respectively a left screw thread, a right screw thread.

The screw pump device includes prime mover, variable speed transmission device and screw pump three parts, is composed of spiral blade, pump shaft, bearing seat and shell. The spiral pump is tilted between the upper and lower pools, and the lower blades of the spiral pump are immersed below the water surface. When the pump shaft rotates, the spiral blade will pool of water into the leaf groove, water in the spiral rotating blade action, along the spiral shaft one level up until the spiral pump outlet. The spiral pump only changes the fluid’s potential energy, which is different from the vane pump that converts the mechanical energy into the potential energy and kinetic energy of the liquid.

The answer is yes, not idling.

In the process of using a single screw pump, in addition to not idling this point, should also pay attention to other points, to make the single screw pump to achieve the ideal state of use.

1, the new pump or long time out of service single screw pump, before starting the pump body need to inject an appropriate amount of lubricating oil, then use the tool to pull a few laps before use.

2, in the transport of high viscosity or more particle impurities and corrosive medium, should use water or solvent to wash the pump body, to avoid the blockage of medium condensation.

3, winter or low temperature environment to avoid liquid freeze crack, after use, drain the pump body water in time.

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