Company Profile

GL Environment is a water treatment solutions and product supplier company. We have 15 years of application experience in the water treatment industry. Main supply products: dosing pump, diaphragm pump, water quality instrument, agitator, flow meter, pressure transmitter, solenoid valve, chemical pump, screw pump, water pump, filter press and dosing system. Main brands are ‘HAOSH‘, ‘AOBL‘ and ‘Apure‘. Apure brand mainly includes process control equipment: Water quality instrument, Flow meter and Level measuring instrument.

Through years of industry accumulation, we strive to bring China’s good water treatment products to the world. China’s water treatment environment, more comprehensive, more serious. Therefore, we have the confidence to offer better service and product price. Our expertise in the water treatment industry will also provide better technical support to our partners.

We will focus on the industry technology, we update the product line, China is sure to provide the best products for all the partners. Let us hand in hand advance together, make progress together!

Production and Manufacturing

We are committed to the production, design assembly and sales of equipment for water treatment. We hope to bring better products and services to you.

Integrated System

We add our design concept to all the dosing systems, hoping to save more space and make the equipment more efficient. Our production and assembling dosing system has already served many countries and regions.


More and more of our self-developed products have passed CE and RoHS certification for safety and quality.



Every year we go to various countries, mainly in Southeast Asia, such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia. Due to the impact of COVID-19, We will not be able to attend the exhibition abroad from 2020. We hope the COVID-19 epidemic will end soon and We can meet friends from all over the world.