AOBL pump contains: Diaphragm pump, Chemical pump, Magnetic pump and Screw pump.

AOBL single screw pump according to the German standard design and the use of German new technology accessories developed a new type of internal engagement rotary volume pump, with high efficiency, strong self-suction capacity, wide range of application and other advantages, for all kinds of difficult to transport medium can be used to transport, so in foreign countries as a pump.

AOBL single screw pump features:

1. A wide range of conveying: materials with solid content of 60% and viscosity up to 1,000,000CPS can be effectively conveyed.

2. Low mechanical vibration and noise, no agitation, shear, turbulence and agitation of materials in operation.

3. High self-suction capacity, vacuum suction height up to 8.5 meters (28 feet).

4. A special structure consisting of a rigid rotor and an elastic stator enables it to transport materials containing solid particles.