Pneumatic diaphragm pump operation

1. Ensure that the largest particle contained in the fluid does not exceed the maximum safe particle diameter standard of the pump.

2. the intake pressure should not exceed the highest allowable pump pressure, higher than the rated pressure of compressed air may lead to personal injury and property loss and damage to the performance of the pump.

3. to ensure that the pump pressure pipeline switcher can withstand the highest output pressure to ensure that the drive gas circuit switcher clean and normal working conditions.

4. electrostatic spark may cause an explosion leading to personal casualties and property losses, according to the need for a large enough cross-sectional area of the wire, the grounding screw on the pump properly and reliably ground.

5. pneumatic diaphragm pump grounding requirements in accordance with local regulations and legal requirements and some special requirements of the site.

6. Fasten the pump and all connecting joints to prevent static sparks from vibration and collision. For antistatic hoses.

7. To periodically check and test the reliability of the grounding switcher, the grounding resistance is required to be less than 100 ohm.

8. maintain good exhaust and ventilation, away from flammable and explosive heat sources.

9. The exhaust of the pump may contain solid objects. Do not face the exhaust port to the working area or people, so as to avoid bodily injury.

10. When the diaphragm fails, the conveying material will be ejected from the exhaust muffler.

11. When transporting flammable and toxic fluids, please connect the outlet to a safe place far away from the working area.

12. Please use at least 3/8 inner diameter smooth wall pipe connection vent and muffler.

13. The high pressure of the fluid may lead to serious personal casualties and property losses. Please do not perform any maintenance work on the pump and the feed pipe switcher when the pump is being pressurated.

14. such as the delivery of harmful and toxic fluid pump, please do not send the pump directly to the manufacturer to repair. Properly handled according to local laws and regulations to ensure the service life.

15. liquid transport part of the pump used for aluminum alloy material, please do not use to transport liquid containing Fe3+ and halogenated hydrocarbon and other halogenated hydrocarbon solvents, it will produce corrosion caused by the pump body burst.

16. Ensure that all parts that contact the conveying body will not be corroded and damaged by the conveying fluid.

17. Ensure that all operators are familiar with the operation for and master the safety of the pump. If necessary, supply the necessary protective equipment.

18. Correctly used in the pump, do not allow a long time of empty operation.

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