Italy SEKO pool metering pump advantages

Italy SEKO pool dosing pump is suitable for swimming pool a disinfection equipment, it can not only automatically, simple, economic and fast provide swimming pool chlorine, and corrosion resistance, easy to install, the characteristics of large capacity, in use process, each drug delivery device g position standard pool for a week to chlorine content, the smaller the pool can be used for a longer time.

● The use of threaded surface cap to ensure good sealing effect, and easy to put chlorine pills or chlorine particles.

● Dosage can tolerate large empty simple, anti-corrosion.

● With manual control valve, it is easier to adjust according to environmental factors and chlorine requirement of the pool.

● Dosing sleeve can control the water output of high compression chlorination; Equipped with automatic exhaust device to remove chlorine odor.

● Independent design, no special exhaust device.

● No leakage type seal design.

● Active external control valve.

Full self-service low water level design, automatically reduce the water level when the pump stops working to avoid soaking the chlorine pills, prolong the service life of the chlorine pills.

● No need to pass through other equipment, disinfectant directly into the pool or bathtub.

● Replace all parts by gram.

● To prevent overdosing, the control valve and built-in check valve should be completely closed.

Italy SEKO pool metering pump features:

  1. Analog metering pump, constant flow, can be manually adjusted through the adjusting knob on the front panel, provide two frequency choice :(0-20%) or (0-100%), also with power display.
  2. All flow ranges are covered in only 4 models, incorporating all the functions of an electromagnetic metering pump in one, and each model uses a PVDF pump head.
  3. 3.4 models cover the flow range of 1 to 60 L/h and pressure up to 20bar.
  4. Since the installation size of the four types of pumps is almost the same, no matter which type of pump the customer chooses, the fixed point of the pump can be planned in advance during the engineering design.
  5. Reduce inventory and spare parts inventory pressure.
  6. Pump heads are compatible with virtually all chemicals used in the industrial, wastewater treatment and potable water sectors.
  7. The use of ceramic ball valves improves the reliability of dosing and the chemical compatibility of the entire contact end.
  8. Compatibility.

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