Milton Roy MILROYAL Series Metering Pump

Modular design for high-pressure applications

Customized performance when it matters most

Product Description

MILROYAL series metering pumps are a line of industrial-duty metering pumps that are used in a variety of critical processes, including water treatment, chemical and petrochemical applications, and Drag Reducer Agent (DRA). This range of metering pumps is available in three different frame sizes, offering a wide range of capacities and pressures. These pumps can be configured into multiple arrangements, multiplex configurations of the same frame or a mixture of frames create even greater application flexibility.


  1. High accuracy: The accuracy of this series of metering pumps can reach ±0.5% or higher, which ensures the accuracy of liquid metering. Capacity adjustable by manual control, electronic actuator, pneumatic actuator, or variable speed allows flexible control of chemical delivery.
  2. Programmable: This series of metering pumps can be programmed to meet different flow requirements for automatic control and adjustment.
  3. Automatic filling: This series metering pump has automatic filling function, which can fill various liquids into pipes and containers conveniently and quickly.
  4. Reliability: This series of metering pumps are made of high quality materials and advanced process technology, which can ensure stability and reliability in long working hours.
  5. Leak-proof performance. A selection of diaphragms including metallic, high-performance, and critical service diaphragms can provide leak-proof performance at pressures up to 20,000 psi (1380 bar)
  6. Configuration flexibility. The pump’s three frame sizes cover a full range of capacities and pressures and it has the capability to be multiplexed with up to 16 pumps driven by one motor.


Performance by the numbers
  • Maximum capacities range from 0.033 gph (125 l/hr) up to 2080 gph (7873 l/hr) per drive
  • Pressures range from 100 psi (7 bar) in higher capacities up to 20,000 psi (1380 bar) in lower capacities
  • ± 1% steady state accuracy over 10:1 turndown ratio. Turndown can be greatly increased with options.


  1. Oil & Gas: Milroyal pumps are ideal for high-pressure offshore applications. They consistently inject methanol, corrosion inhibitors, oxygen binders, and other corrosive substances in the harshest conditions in the most remote locations.
  2. Drag Reducer Agents (DRA): With decades of experience and a field proven design, Milton Roy’s DRA pumps provide precise injection at strategic points along a pipeline network to reduce turbulence and optimize flow efficiency.
  3. Chemical and Petrochemical Processing: The harsh, toxic chemicals required for chemical processes require metering pumps that ensure accuracy in delivery of these critical and difficult fluids. Milroyal pumps’ modularity allows a selection of liquid ends and configurations to ensure you get the right pump for chemicals being handled.
  4. Industrial Water Treatment: Industrial process water must be treated efficiently and cost-effectively in compliance with quality standards. The reliability of Milroyal pumps deliver accurate chemical delivery and provide long-term cost benefits.