Prominent Gamma X Diaphragm Metering Pump

Capacity range 2.3 – 45 l/h, 25 – 2 bar

The solenoid-driven Prominent Gamma X Diaphragm Metering Pump incorporates a wealth of eXcellent ingenuity! With integrated pressure measurement, it ensures the smooth running of your metering process. The gamma/ X is ideal for all metering work involving liquid media.

Product Description

Prominent Gamma X Diaphragm Metering Pump

The new solenoid-driven diaphragm metering pump gamma/ X is user-friendly and has an outstandingly long service life, just like its predecessor. An ingenious solenoid control measures the back pressure and protects the system from overload. This technology makes a pressure sensor superfluous, meaning that operating safety can be significantly increased: no additional parts come into contact with the feed chemical, there are no additional sealing surfaces and no electronic components come into contact with the feed chemical. Whether the metering volume fluctuates or hydraulic failures affect the metering process – the gamma/ X keeps everything at your fingertips.

It independently ensures a trouble-free metering process and should the pump ever need maintenance its service module draws attention to this.


Your benefits

Simple adjustment of the capacity directly in l/h
Direct input of the required final concentration in concentration mode for volume-proportional metering tasks
Integrated pressure measurement and display for greater safety during commissioning and in the process
Capacity adjustment range 1:40,000
Virtually wear-free solenoid drive, overload-proof and economical
Suitable for continuous micro-metering from approx. 1 ml/h, thanks to the regulated solenoid drive


Technical Details

Connection to process control systems via BUS interface, such as PROFIBUS, Profinet, CANopen and Modbus
Illuminated LCD and 3-LED display for operating, warning and error messages, visible from all sides.
Factor with external contact control 99:1 – 1:99.
Batch operation with max. 99,999 strokes/start pulse.
Stroke rate adjustment in 1 stroke/h increments from 1 – 12,000 strokes/h.
Continuous electronic stroke length adjustment from 1 – 100 % (recommended 30 – 100 %).
Connector for 2-stage level switch.
Available material combinations: PP, PVDF, clear acrylic, PTFE and stainless steel.
Special dosing head designs for gaseous and high-viscosity media.
Degree of protection IP 66 and/or NEMA 4X indoor.
Optional 4-20 mA output for remote transmission of stroke length and stroke rate.
Universal power supply unit 100 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz.
Optional 230 V relay module, can also be retrofitted easily and securely.
Optional 24 V combined relay, can also be retrofitted easily and securely.


Pump type Delivery rate at max.

back pressure

bar l/h ml/stroke
gamma/ X
GMXa 1602 16 2.3 0.19
GMXa 1604 16 3.6 0.30
GMXa 0708 7 7.6 0.63
GMXa 0414 4 13.5 1.13
GMXa 0220 2 19.7 1.64
GMXa 2504 25 3.8 0.32
GMXa 1009 10 9.0 0.75
GMXa 0715 7 14.5 1.21
GMXa 0424 4 24.0 2.00
GMXa 0245 2 45.0 3.70
gamma/ X metering pumps with

self-bleeding dosing head without bypass

GMXa 1602 10 1.5 0.08
GMXa 1604 10 2.2 0.13
GMXa 0708 7 5.6 0.48
GMXa 0414 4 12.2 1.00
GMXa 0220 2 18.0 1.45
GMXa 1009 10 6.6 0.50
GMXa 0715 7 13.0 1.08
GMXa 0424 4 22.0 1.60


gamma/ X metering pumps with dosing heads for higher-viscosity media have a 10 – 20 % lower capacity and are not self-priming with all feed chemicals. G 3/4-DN 10 connector with d 16-DN 10 hose nozzle.

* The given performance data represents guaranteed minimum values, calculated using water as the medium at room temperature.
** Suction lift with a filled dosing head and filled suction line, with a self-bleeding dosing head with air in the suction line
*** with stainless steel design 6 mm connector width
**** with stainless steel design 12 mm connector width
***** with stainless steel design DN 10

All data refers to water at 20 °C.