Constant Pressure Water Supply System

Variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment is a new type of energy-saving water supply equipment. The equipment takes the water pressure of the water pump outlet as the setting parameter, and automatically controls the output frequency of the inverter through the microcomputer to adjust the speed of the pump motor, so as to realize the closed-loop regulation of the water pressure of the user’s pipe network, so that the water supply system automatically keeps the constant pressure stable at the set pressure value.

Product Description

Constant pressure variable frequency water supply system

Variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment is the application of AC frequency conversion speed regulation technology and programmable control technology to the automatic control equipment of water pumps. A new type of mechatronies water supply equipment combined with a motor pump set. The equipment consists of AC variable frequency speed governor,industrial-grade programmable controller,digital PID regulator,pressure sensor,liquid level controller and motor pump group to form a closed-loop regulation frequency conversion speed regulation water supply control system.

The system can automatically adjust the speed of the running pump motor and the input and withdrawal of multiple pump motors according to the instantaneous pressure change of the pipe network,so as to meet the needs of users for constant pressure variable water supply and variable pressure variable water supply. Keep the pressure at the end of the water supply pipe network constant to ensure that the entire water supply system is always in the best operating state of high efficiency and energy saving.


Constant pressure variable frequency water supply system 03
Constant pressure variable frequency water supply system 03
Constant pressure variable frequency water supply system 04
Constant pressure variable frequency water supply system 04

Scope of application

  1. Residents’domestic water: such as high-rise buildings, residential
    quarters, villas, etc.
  2. Public places: such as hospitals, schools, gymnasiums, airports,etc
  3. Commercial buildings: such as hotels, office buildings, department
    stores, etc.
  4. Irrigation:s uch as parks, playgrounds, orchards, farms, etc.
  5. Manufacturing: such as manufacturing, washing equipment, food
    industry and other factories
  6. Others: transformation of pools and other forms of water supply

Equipment advantages

Energy saving

The frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment is different from other control systems,its energy loss is minimal,and the pump only absorbs energy when water supply is required. At different flow requirements from zero to maximum,by changing the speed of the pump,it always outputs a constant pressure. When the water consumption is extremely small,the system can supply water through a stabilized tank or an auxiliary pump(design option),which can save 20%to 40%of electricity compared with other water supply equipment.

Small footprint and simple installation

This equipment requires a very small site for installation,and flexible arrangements and special designs can be used in every possible installation. Each set of equipment is supplied as a complete set,and has been assembled with water inlet and outlet pipes,power and water level protection,switch interfaces and operating equipment.

Low noise

The run time for maximum flow is very small. Most of the time the pump works at a low speed,and the pump is driven by a low-noise motor at a low speed. The system can also be equipped with a vibration damping device to reduce vibration and noise. Specialized installation can reduce noise to a minimum. Therefore,it is very necessary to install the system in places that require a quiet environment,such as hospitals, theaters,residential buildings,hotels,etc.

Intelligent management

The variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment adopts variable frequency control technology and has functions such as soft start,overload,short circuit,overvoltage, undervoltage,phase loss,overheating and stall protection. Under abnormal conditions,it can carry out signal alarm,self-test,fault judgment,etc. ,and can automatically adjust the water supply flow according to the change of water consumption.