Wilden pneumatic diaphragm pump typical industry applications

Wilden pneumatic diaphragm pump in the chemical industry: acid, alkali, solvent, suspended solids, dispersion system

Petrochemical industry: crude oil, heavy oil, grease, mud, sludge

Daily chemical industry: detergent, shampoo, emulsion, emulsion, hand cream, surface activator

Ceramics: mud, porcelain slurry, lime slurry, clay slurry

Mining: coal slurry, magma, mud, mortar, lubricating oil

Water treatment: lime slurry, soft sediment, sewage, chemicals, waste water

Food: liquid semi-solid, chocolate, salt water, vinegar, syrup, vegetable oil, soybean oil, honey, animal blood

Beverage industry: Asthma, syrup, concentrate, gas-liquid mixture, wine, fruit juice, corn pulp

Pharmaceutical industry: solvent, acid, alkali, plant extract liquid, ointment, plasma and other kinds of pharmaceutical materials

Paper industry: binder, resin, paint, ink, pigment, hydrogen peroxide

Electronics: solvent, electroplating solution, cleaning solution, nitric acid, waste acid, corrosive acid, polishing fluid

Textile industry: dye chemicals, resins, adhesives

Construction: cement slurry, ceramic tile binder, rock slurry, ceiling paint

Automotive industry: polishing emulsion, oil, coolant, automotive primer, oil emulsion, varnish, varnish additives, degreasing fluid

Paint furniture industry: binder, varnish, dispersion system, solvent, color agent, white wood glue, epoxy resin, starch binder

Ink, coating industry: coloring agent, solvent, resin, paint,

Alchemy, casting and dyeing industries: metal pulp, hydroxide and carbonization pulp, dust washing pulp and other industries

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