Prominent Hygienic Sigma Motor-driven Metering Pump

Capacity range of the Sigma:
25 – 1,000 l/h,
10 – 4 bar

Product Description

Hygienic design: Meter precisely and hygienically

The Hygienic Design version of the Sigma diaphragm metering pumps is optimised in terms of dead space, features as few gaps as possible and has smooth, wetted surfaces for flexible and easy use in hygienically sensitive applications.

The simple construction and smooth surface make easy CIP possible and allow the device to be dismantled at speed. Ball non-return valves and EPDM seals ensure gentle and reliable metering for tasks with strict hygiene requirements (when working with aqueous foods or food additives).

Like all intelligent ProMinent metering pumps, the Sigma product range can be flexibly controlled using a highly diverse range of signals. Designed for continuous operation, hermetically sealed and without a shaft passage into the metering chamber, providing simple and reliable handling. The standard PTFE multi-layer diaphragmThe multi-layer diaphragm (a minimum of two diaphragm layers on top of each other) prevents the escape of the feed chemical in the event of a fault.
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with diaphragm rupture control offers additional process reliability.


Your benefits
  • Process reliability thanks to PTFE multi-layer safety diaphragm with condition monitoring
  • Fast CIP, reliable operation and easy handling
  • Simple construction, optimised in terms of dead space and small number of parts, reliable operation, no shaft passage into the media chamber
  • Precise metering thanks to the option for adjusting the metering volume in 1% steps by means of stroke rate and stroke length
  • Physiologically safe wetted materials (FDA and 1935/2004); reliable and flexible Sigma motor-driven metering pump with ball non-return
  • valves enables a wide range of applications
  • Flexibly connectible: connection to process control systems via integrated PROFIBUS®, CANopen interface


Technical Details

Capacity ranges:

  • Sigma/ 1: 25 l/h/10 bar to 67 l/h/7 bar
  • Sigma/ 2: 49 l/h/10 bar to 360 l/h/4 bar
  • Sigma/ 3: 149 l/h/10 bar to 1,000 l/h/4 bar


Wetted materials:

  • Liquid end, valves, valve seat: 1.4435
  • Seals: EPDM, FKM (optional)
  • Valve balls: Al2O3
  • PTFE multi-layer diaphragm with optical, optionally electric diaphragm rupture warning system


Connection types:

  • Groove-terminal: DIN 11864-3
  • Groove-flange: DIN 11864-2
  • Other types of connection on request



  • FDA
  • 1935/2004 (10/2011, GMP ordinance EC 2023/2006)
  • AoF
  • EN10204 Type 3.1 factory certificate for material (stainless steel, Al2O3) on request
  • EN10204 Type 2.2 factory certificate for surface roughness Ra< 0.8 µm on request



  • CIP-capable up to 130 °C, max. 2 bar, max. 15 min.
  • Hygienic design liquid end: Smooth surfaces (wetted surfaces are electropolished Ra < 0.8 μm
  • Optimised in terms of dead space, features as few gaps as possible
  • Maintenance-friendly ball non-return valves, symmetrical ball seat
  • Simple maintenance thanks to rapid-action clips (DIN 11864)
  • Sealing design makes for easy cleaning (DIN 11864)
  • Free of welded seams and shaft passages, e.g. mechanical seals
  • Stroke length adjustment: 0– 100 %, stroke length adjustment using manually self-locking rotary dial in 1 % steps
  • Precision of better than 1 % (under correct and constant conditions, with correct installation and calibration in terms of maximum stroke volume)


Pump version Sigma X

  • Integrated controller, universal and flexible. Simple connection to your process.
  • External activation via potential-free contacts, mA or ProfiBus and/or ProfiNet via Dulconvert
  • Removable operating panel
  • Remote transmission of operating statuses via an additional output or relay module
  • Wide-range voltage power unit, power supply: 1 ph, 100 – 230 V ±10 %, 240 V ±6 %, 50/60 Hz
  • Combination of high-strength cast aluminium housing with fibreglass-reinforced plastic housing
  • IP 65 degree of protection


Pump version Sigma Basic

  • A wide range of power end/drive versions is available: Three-phase standard AC motor, 1-phase AC motor
  • Various flange designs for using customised motors
  • Special voltages on request
  • Electrical stroke length adjustment via actuator or control drives (optional)
  • IP 55 degree of protection
  • Combination of high-strength cast aluminium housing with fibreglass-reinforced plastic housing
  • ATEX design: Areas at risk from explosion II 2G Ex h IIC T3 Gb X or II 2G Ex h IIC T4 Gb X (optional)


Field of application

The following list of applications is an example of applications that are generally suitable for this product. If necessary, please contact us and we will find a suitable product for your requirements.

Metering of aqueous foods or food additives in the food and beverage industry. Example:

  • Metering of dyes, e.g. beta carotene
  • Metering of aromas, flavour additives, sugar solutions, additives
  • Metering of enzymes, stabilisers, liquid yeasts