Wilden pneumatic diaphragm pump selection recommendation water treatment field

Wilden pneumatic diaphragm pump officially changed its name to: Wilden-TZ series pneumatic diaphragm pump

New Wilden pneumatic diaphragm pump and the existing T series pneumatic diaphragm pump interchangeability:

  1. The new air valve can be matched with the existing T/WL series centrosome or the new centrosome
  2. New centrosome can only be equipped with new air valve

Turbo FLO-Z pneumatic diaphragm pump new features:
Self-lubricating Lube – free
Ø The piston material is changed from aluminum alloy to Turcite, a composite material with low friction additives, which has the ability of self-lubrication
Achieved by piston material change from Aluminum to Turcite, a polymer with low friction additives to provide self-lubrication
Don’t stop the Non – stalling
Ø The piston ring keeps the gap between the piston and the valve body during natural wear to extend the life of the air valve. In addition, the seal provided by the piston ring prevents partial leakage of the intake air and reduces the shift signal at low speed
Ringed air valve pistons provide longer air valve life by maintaining close tolerances between the piston and the air valve body as these parts undergo natural wear. In addition, the rings capture a portion of the inlet air that would normally be lost in blow-by. This captured blow-by helps to maximize the shift signal during slow speed operation;
Ø Shift signal gas is vented directly into the air to reduce icing and is no longer affected by muffler and central body icing
Achieved by venting the shift signal directly to atmosphere to reduce the EFFECTS of freezing. The shift signal is no longer affected by ice buildup in the muffler or center block.
Ø 1-inch pump muffler boxes are made of a low thermal conductivity material to reduce performance degradation due to icing
Regarding the 1-inch pumps Plastic Box Muffler insert, the device makes use of low thermal conductivity materials to reduce performance-stealing ice buildup on the pump.

TZ series pneumatic diaphragm pump life test and field test:
• The new product has passed 2000 hours of life test in both Wilden and Shanghai test centers.
• Pumps at 2,000 hours life testing both at Wilden Lab and PSG(Shanghai) Lab
• Field testing has been running for over 2,000 hours since mid-October 2011.
• Field testing started from mid Oct 2011, some pumps have run more than 2,000 hours at Field (or half year), indicated high reliability of new ADS.
• Satisfied with pump reliability and performance using consistent customer feedback.
• Feedback from end user is quite satisfied with TZ pumps life and performance.
The pump has run more than 2,000 hours (more than half year) to process The water and waste water in semiconductor wastewater treatment applications in semi-conductor industries

TZ series (Turbo Flo-Z) structure and material:
Turbo flo-Z
★ Aluminum air valve body.
★ Aluminum air valve body.
★ Turcite piston with piston ring.
Taken the Ringed Turcite piston.
★ 1-1/2 “, 2 “and 3” shift signals are emitted directly into the atmosphere.
★ Exhausted of shift signal to directories (1-1/2 “, 2 “and 3”).
★ 1 “pump with plastic silencer box.
Plastic Box (Muffler Plate) on 1 “pump
★ Full series from 1/2 “to 3”.
★ Size available from 1/2 “to 3”.
New PP material pump.
★ TZ pumps in PP material are available at Shanghai now.


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