IOT-Water Treatment

IOT water meter

IOT water sensor

IOT watering system

IOT and water management


Self-developed data collection platform. This platform cooperates with DTU/RTU Communication module and accept 4-20mA, RS485 or RS232 signal. Transmit sensor, transmitter, controller, and other device signals via 4G or WIF. The data will be sent to the Cloud platform, where the data will be collected and processed, and sent to the user terminal. Users can log in to the web page throught a computer, or log in to the official account via WeChat to view real-time data, and perform operations such as data recording and equipment debugging. The platform opens API data interface, and transfer data to other platform, such as the Ministry of Health, the goverment, APP, etc.


A network of various sensors enables monitoring of different parameters of water like temperature, pH, ORP, conductivity, chlorine, pressure, chemical composition, TDS, DO, turbidity, TSS, Salinity, Corrosion, etc. This data can be used by automation and analytics infused centralized platform to synthesize the data into actionable insights. Smart water flow meters can also be used to measure the flow rate of water in the whole treatment facility.


By deploying the latest water management and metering analytics technology, facility operators can gain a greater understanding of water usage patterns to quickly resolve or prevent related issues. They receive the information needed to monitor their operations, improve inefficiencies and address equipment problems and wasteful behavior.

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